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As women entered the working world decades ago, purses and handbags became a necessity. Because women typically wear tighter clothes with smaller pockets and like to carry around more than just their wallets, they needed bags that were designed with a lot of room but were small and light enough to be carried easily in the hand or on the shoulder. As handbags became as necessary as any other part of the outfit, it became common to choose a fashionable bag that would match and accentuate a woman’s style. Today, handbags and purses are some of the favorite accessories of women everywhere, whether they be plain black or eye-catching decorated rhinestone bags.

At Fashionable Handbags, we strive to provide you with as many options as possible. We know that your style is a unique expression of your personality, and so we want you to be able to find the handbag that fits. We carry larger style purses such as hobo handbags and tote bags which are designed to provide a lot of space without weighing you down. Hobo bags in particular use lightweight materials to ease the strain on your shoulders, and tote bags are simple options without a lot of side pockets and unnecessary material.

We also stock barrel and bowler style handbags, which are designed to resemble bags used for certain sports such as golf and bowling. They’re made with vibrantly colored materials and decorated with rhinestones and other flashy accessories to stand out as bold fashion statements. For more formal occasions, we have clutches and mini purses that are easy to carry and just big enough to fit the essentials.

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